Antioch Pawn Shop Loans

Getting You the Money You Need Fast!

With 35 years in the industry, Antioch Coin and Jewelry Pawn has always specialized in customer service. Our associates are friendly and knowledgeable, and will give you top dollar for your items. We specialize in gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, diamonds, fine watches including Rolex, coins, electronics, designer goods, tools, musical instruments, bicycles, and other items of value. So whether you have a Rolex Presidential or fancy cut 3 carat diamond, or scrap gold and used laptops we can help you. Loans $5-$100,000, we do it all.

How Does a Pawn Work?

We examine your items to determine their value and then give you a loan based on that value. You have four months to redeem the loan and receive your item back from us. If you need more time you may pay just the interest charges and receive an additional four months. If you don’t come back within the loan period the item becomes ours and we resell it to recoup the money we loaned. The process is simple, easy, and usually takes just a few minutes to complete.

Why should I pawn with Antioch Coin and Jewelry Pawn ?

As a member of the California Pawnbroker Association, we maintain the highest standards and conform to industry best practices. We do not charge a lost ticket fee. If you lose the original ticket when you come back to redeem or renew your loan, California law allows pawnshops to charge you a fee- but we don’t out of courtesy to our customers.

With over 35 years in the business, we know the value of repeat business. You’ll always find our associates to be courteous and helpful. Our hours are convenient- Mon-Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4. Learn more about we can get you the money you need by calling us at 925-777- 1492!